Past orders

This Kobe Bryant Blanket was created for a crochet competition in which it came in first place. 
This Butterfly Blanket  was purchased by a grandmother for her granddaughter because she loved butterflies. She also wanted to put the name in it.  Colors was chosen by customer.
This Baby Bassinet was ordered as a baby shower gift.
This Minnie Mouse Baby Set also has a fleece Minnie Mouse in-liner for more comfort. Also has a matching onesie and socks that are customized to fit the blanket. 
This No Kisses Baby Blanket Set was purchased as a baby shower gift. 
This Basketball Net Set was purchased as a gift for a father who loves basketball for his son. 
This Mickey Mouse Set was given to a coworker as a surprise for her new baby boy. 
This Gucci Inspired Baby Set was purchased by a customer for a little boy as a coming home from hospital outfit. 
This Sweet Dreams Blanket was created for a customer as a special order for her new baby. 
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